11 June 2020

Tucson is Burning ~

Tucson is battling an immense fire right now - the Bighorn Fire. Friends of mine have just been evacuated from their home in the Foothills.
Photo courtesy of Larry Lebofsky.


  1. My brother sent me a text with a photo of the blaze from his front porch at 7am my time. I looked at it and replied"you're up early!" Mother nature and her lightening strikes. Stay safe.

    1. Thank you! I don't live anywhere near the danger zone but I have friends and co-workers who do. It is stressful!

  2. Wow. That one is crazy big. Invasive grasses have had quite a good stretch to set up and a decently moist winter gave them a great chance to grow until the heat died out. Now this.

    Hope everything gets better out there before it has a chance to endanger too much more...plant, animal, human, and structure.

    Btw, a websearch for "University Arizona webcam" will lead to photos and videos of this fire and some older ones.