20 December 2018

Christmas 7 years later - always fun!

20 DECEMBER 2011

Tucson Christmas ~ Scroll down for all 3 ~ Always something different

Then & Now: Mesquite Valley Growers has expanded enormously since this posting. They even have a gardener's gift shop! They still create a fun holiday display outside and this year it is just a wagon, I think. Not at all as fun as these Javelina-deer from 2011! Enjoy!

In the last week I've been posting the different kinds of Santa's helpers that are all over town. Let's see, we had a cow-deer, a buffa-deer and now we have javelina-deer, flamingo-deer, and stork-deer! A site follower from Sahuarita alerted me to this incredible Animal Sleigh in front of Mesquite Valley Growers. How about that javelina Rudolph?? FUN!


  1. Way back in the day, a neighbor would make a tumbleweed snowman. Have you seen any of those lately? I wish we took a picture of it.

    1. That would be fun! The only snowmen I have seen yet this year are metal and/or plastic. I did see a string of snowmen driveway lights that looked just like lollipops - round heads, stick bodies. :)