31 May 2012

See's = Sweets

Prior to coming to Tucson I had never heard of See's Candies. It is a wonderful candy company that was founded in California in 1921 and has grown to 200 locations in the west. Their slogan is "See's - a Happy Habit." When you visit the store the friendly staff always offers you a sample...  mmmmm! Have a sweet day!

1 comment:

  1. Yummmmm...chocolate!! Though I've known that See's has been around a good long while, I didn't know they had a slogan...I love a 'happy habit'! That store has been on Broadway since before my family moved to Tucson in the 1960s, before there was Park Place and all that was out there was the Sear's store and See's...it was a family outing to drive out from the city to Sear's to shop!

    I hope you have a sweet day, too.