04 August 2016

Throwback Thursday to today in 2009 ~

04 AUGUST 2009

Ahhh... Water, Agua, Cool & Refreshing

Seven years ago on this date we were craving water! Now we are getting nearly a daily deluge of rain. Here is the full posting from Aug 4, 2009:

We hearty Tucsonans are pretty much living in the triple digits now (day and night!) so any glimpse or sound of water is welcome. This refreshing bubbly oasis is on the west patio of the Tucson Museum of Art.
A bit of outdoor umbrellas can be seen in the background. And that is where one of Tucson's most charming cafes can be found ~ Cafe a la Carte. It's small, friendly, and wonderful. And the desserts... oh la la!
Cafe A-La Carte
150 N Main Ave
(520) 628-8533
Get directions

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