26 August 2016

Tucson's Starry Night ~

Two views of our world famous night sky. We are lucky to have such clear skies in Tucson. Did you know that Tucson is one of the top 10 sites for astronomy in the U.S.?  Meteorite showers are particularly beautiful here! 
Photo courtesy of George Goldman.


  1. We participated in the nighttime observation once. I recommend it. The evening finished up with an incredible view of Saturn with the rings clearly defined. The scariest part was driving partway down the mountain with only parking lights on. We had to line up the cars and follow each other until the lead car moved to the side at which point we could turn the lights on. This was in order for the car lights to not interfere with the researchers up there.

    1. I remember the drive well! A cow wandered in front of us and we had to get out of the car to shoo it away! What was a cow doing on the road in the middle of the night??