15 June 2013

Personal freight train ~

I really don't know what we're looking at here! Of course when I saw the train as yard art, I had to stop and take a photo. Then I noticed the intricate mosaic wall art. And then of course, I spotted the dozens of stuffed toys.....


  1. Maybe a train enthusiast. It is interesting.

  2. The Polar Express of the desert??! OK, I'm kind of addicted to Googling things that are mysterious, so I googled the Roadrunner Express, Tucson AZ and what I found will surprise and delight you, Diane! It's a hostel!! There's a website hosted by Tripadvisor, with pictures of the train and inside the RoadRunner Hostel and lots of great reviews by people who've stayed there...it looks sooooo neat! The stuffed animals might be gifts from the guests?? What a find, tucked away from the roar of the city...good hunting :-) I want to stay there, tee-hee!!

  3. P.S. They have their own website: http://www.roadrunnerhostelinn.com/
    Have fun looking through it!

  4. Elizabeth - YOU ROCK! I also Googled Roadrunner Express but all I saw was some moving company info. Thanks for digging deeper than I did and offering a real explanation to this display! Mystery solved! Thank you, thank you1