19 January 2018

Big Green Cactus - from Down Under!

Recently I was in Perth, Australia and this neon green piece of public art caught my eye. It's an homage to our stately Arizona saguaro cactus for sure! Titled "Situate" this piece was created by sculptor James Angus as a playful piece to tie together the old and new elements of Perth's downtown area (called Forrest Place). The piece seems to shape shift depending on the position of sun and shadows. It is huge and gorgeous and fun! And come on now.... doesn't it look like a stand of saguaros?  


  1. Crikeee!! It's Saguaros with arms AND legs!!

    1. Elizabeth! Haven't heard from you in awhile - hope you are well. Yep, these saguaros could be dancing! (:

  2. Hi!, right back at you, Dianne! I haven't been commenting, tho I read your wonderful posts almost every day...I'm fighting exhaustion from my MS, altho am well otherwise. My friend Roni, whom you met with me that summer, DID sell her Tucson home and has moved here to Mississippi. Loves it here! So green (well, not right now in the winter, haha)! Hope you and your fur babies are well. Thanks so much for keeping up the TDP blog!! :)) Always makes me happy to think about TUcson and someone who loves it as much as you do.