09 January 2018

G is for Giggle AND Groan at the Gaslight!

We have been on an Alphabet Tour of Tucson using the letters of MY FAVORITE THINGS to spotlight some of Tucson's greatest and most fun places and things. On Day 14 of our tour we have landed on the letter G which brings us to a true Tucson treasure - the Gaslight Theatre.

I can't count how many shows I have seen there and every one has been witty, entertaining, and oh yes... CORNY! The exuberant spirit of the ensemble cast fills the theatre with a happy glow. I think that if you don't enjoy the shows at the Gaslight Theatre, your DNA must be missing the gene for humor! (:

The Lone Stranger is the next spoof scheduled. The shows sell out fast so call for tickets soon if you want to see this one. 

What is your favorite Tucson thing/place that begins with a G? Tell us!

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