20 September 2013

And now... the flip side ~

I thought it was really interesting that the flip side of yesterday's neon side is... this! Different color, different motor lodge name. Anyone have thoughts on this? 


  1. I have an answer. Go to preservetucson.org and it will give you a little history on the sign as well as other signs. In 1951 it was the Canyon State Motor Lodge. In the 70's the name was changed to Arizonan Motel. It was on Casa Grande Highway which is now Miracle Mile.

  2. Kathy! You are GREAT! Thank you very much for your research and solving this sign mystery!! Dianne

  3. Thanks, Kathy, for finding this great website! When I read the info about this "Canyon State" sign it explained the words that I couldn't quite make out on the bottom arrow: Panel Ray HEAT !! I suspect that was to assure surprised motorists driving through the desert in the winter that YES it does get cold here and we'll keep you warm! Forget the swimming pool until July!