09 September 2013

Indian House Historic District ~

Just a stone's throw away from busy Broadway and the Park Place mall is the Indian House Historic District. It's a small neighborhood that still has unpaved roads and a true "lost in time" feeling. The neighborhood is a hidden piece of  Tucson's desert past. Just a small handful of houses were built here in the 1930's. This one looks like part of it is much much older. Pianist Van Cliburn was once a resident in this historic district. 


  1. Thank you so much for satisfying my curiosity about a part of Tucson that I'd driven past, but didn't know it had a name! I drove past the Indian House dirt road on 5th street for years and years and peered out at the desert landscaping and wondered why it hadn't been gobbled up by a city subdivision...now I know! I did a little googling on it and found out interesting things in the National Register of Historic places documents. Tucson history is so unique!!

  2. Fascinating photo and bit of history.