21 September 2013

Last but not least ~

Shown here is the last of the current series of restored neon signs that grace Drachman near Stone. Thanks to Kathy, one of the site's avid followers, I can share this link which will provide you with the history of neon sign restoration in Tucson. Click here for the full info. Enjoy these photos of Tucson's history! 


  1. You have taught me so many interesting things about Tucson. Things I might never learn on my own. Thank you for that! I love coming here!

  2. Roberta! THANK YOU so much for your note! I really appreciate it. After 4+ years of doing this I do wonder if the postings are still interesting (or I'll settle for weird or wacky, too!). Dianne

  3. Chiming in here, Dianne, to say that "YES!" we are very glad you're here for us to visit your great mix of interesting, weird and/or wacky photos of dear ol' Tucson! I look forward to it every day. Thanx.