17 September 2013

Tucson has a Magic Glow ~

Motorists along Drachman may think they have traveled back in time. A great effort was made to restore many of Tucson's glorious neon signs and now they have a real home again - along the north parking lot of Pima Community College's downtown campus. Here is the beloved Magic Carpet Golf sign restored to its original beauty by Addis Signs (the company that created it in the 1960's). EVERYONE has a story about playing miniature golf at Magic Golf! The sign brings back great memories. 

1 comment:

  1. Yes, the 'way back' machine! I never did see this miniature golf place in it's hey-day, it was ragged with age and use and rather run down when I went there...but it had this funky feel to it anyway and made you laugh and feel fun-silly, and the Tiki Head was always an icon!! This sign looks fabulous now!! Love to see treasures restored and not abandoned.