27 September 2013

Cuter than cute ~ (2 photos)

Here for your enjoyment is a "red" (a baby javelina) that has been rescued and is currently living at the amazing Tucson Wildlife Center. This precious little fellow is being nurtured and will join a foster javelina family on site until he can be released into the wild. Check out this next picture for scale to see how tiny he is.... look at those little hooves!!

The Tucson Wildlife Center folks are truly unsung heroes to the region's animals. They are a nonprofit funded by generous private donors (no government money). If you love animals, check out their website and consider making a donation (any size is welcome!) and help them to build their new hospital. Thanks!


  1. Since I know nothing about these animals I did some research on them. Internet photos of adults are not as attractive as this tiny baby. Very curious animals. You are absolutely right about Wildlife Centers. There is one close to Santa Fe,NM that we visit when we are in town. Amazing work and dedicated volunteers.

  2. OMG yes - cuter than cute for sure!!!!!!!!!!

  3. thanks for the info on the center! I didn't know all that. and yes, baby javelinas are adorable! Even the entire family from a distance...but not up close and personal. (I think packrats are adorable as well, but I'm sure thankful I don't have any in my part of town)