07 July 2019

With no barn in sight...

I caught this beautiful Barn Owl at the Desert Museum as part of their Raptor Free Flight program (totally amazing!). Gorgeous, isn't he?


  1. They are gorgeous.
    To answer your last question, I am reading Harriet and Isabelle, just finished Woman 99, I always loved you, The Bookwoman of troublesome creek, a gentleman in Moscow. I also like to read the old books. I recently read Main Street by Sinclair Lewis and Doctor Dolittle. I don't think I ever read the children's books, only saw the movies. When my kid was 11, we read all the Harry Potter books and then watched the movies. This is when she realized that the movies leave so much out.

  2. I think that is a great lesson for you to teach your children - that reading exercises the brain and imagination in a way that movies can't (and I love going to movies!).