04 September 2010

Aztec Activists, Part II

Here is the left side portion of yesterday's mural ~ Leo Tolstoy on the left and Mahatma Gandhi on the right. The mural decorates an entire wall that delineates Cesar Chavez Memorial Park at 18th St and 6th Ave. Mexican artist Melchor Ramirez painted this striking mural. See yesterday's post for the rest of the mural.


  1. I have to admit to never had read anything by Tolstoy. Nice mural.

  2. Hey Steffe, In college I took a Russian Literature course and really enjoyed Tolstoy (esp Anna Karenina). I only knew him as an author and didn't know about his political views. This mural prompted me to do a little research. He was a fervent pacifist and he loathed government. Interesting to find him featured on a Tucson mural!