03 September 2010

Aztec Activists ~

This mural was painted by Mexican artist, Melchor Ramirez and is dedicated to human rights and union activists Cesar Chavez, Mahatma Ghandi, and Leo Tolstoy. This post is the mural portion featuring Cesar Chavez. Curious that all of the figures have the same fierce Aztec features, long nails, and glittery red skin...

The mural is the focal point of the Cesar Chavez Memorial Park, a mini park at 18th St and 6th Ave.


  1. Murals are often quite fantastic historical symbols, as is this one. Your Aztec comment is interesting; I hope that you will show us more of the mural, too.

  2. Hey Kate, Thanks for your comment! Yes, stand by for tomorrow's post of another portion of this striking artwork.