19 October 2011

Deep in Brazil? Nope ~ Williams Center

Here is the beautiful mural that decorates the back wall of Savaya Coffee Bar. Local artist Jos Villabrille created an amazing coffee plantation view that seemingly stretches for miles. Learn more about him here. Coffee lovers - you're on notice now to definitely check out this delicious shop!


  1. I'm a coffeeholic, and not a fan of that 'seattle based' stuff (!), so this wonderful looking place sounds like my kind of shop. I looked up its location and it is close to where I stay with my good friend (Swan/Broadway) when I visit Tucson each summer. Perhaps next year I can make a stop here...I still love hot coffee even in the heat of summer, how about you?!

  2. Hi Elizabeth ~ Oh I drink coffee every day whatever the weather is. When it is cold I probably drink a little more than usual. I had a REALLY GOOD latte here! Enjoy!