30 October 2011

Tucson's Ladies Tea Club sips again ~

The idea for the tea gathering was created after a visit to the lovely Chantilly Tea House last year when someone had the bright idea that we could create something similar on our own. And so every few months we gather to taste different teas, catch up, discuss current affairs, and enjoy each other's company and cooking. Pumpkin scones with creme fraiche, tea, curried chicken salad, tea sandwiches, potstickers, tea, salmon pate, cake, fruit salad, tea.... oh what a lovely day!


  1. I would have gained about 10 pounds at your tea! Everything looks scrumptious!

  2. You area talented entertainer. Hope you are doing well. Please check out my blog sometime. http://scottandkala.blogspot.com/
    :) Kala