25 April 2015

Round, circular, doughnut-shaped....?

Here is definitely a distinctive Tucson home - it is round! Kind of futuristic in a way but also it evokes images of Iron Age Celtic homes. Would love to know if these residents built it looking forward to the future or honoring the ancients. Unlike ancient Celtic round houses, though, this one has windows to let in plenty of sunlight. 


  1. I'm glad this is not a Where is it Contest. I have never seen it and have no idea where it could be. Can you give us a hint?

  2. Oh sure - it's on the corner of Pima and Nancy Rose - east of Swan. The Pima side has a corrugated metal fence.

  3. I have always had an interest in this house. The last time it was for sale in 2020 I already had an offer in on another home.