27 August 2012

It's that HOT HOT time of year ~

It's a hot time of year and I'm not talking about Tucson's temperature! It's HATCH CHILE time ~ when all chile lovers enjoy the abundance of New Mexico's most famous vegetable. The chile has put Hatch, NM on the map of everyone who loves spicy food. Mmmmm!  


  1. YUM!! One of my favorite memories visiting Tucson was when I stopped at Fry's, and there in the parking lot was a pepper griller (for lack of a better term) right out in front of the store, roasting the peppers while you shopped. It smelled amazing! I just thought it was so indicative of the Southwest, and a far cry from anything you'd find here in the Northeast.

  2. LOVE the roasted peppers...just couldn't figure out how to get them back to CT!