07 August 2012

Astonishing mama hummer ~

Thanks once again to the eagle eye (pun intended) of artist, photographer, and "Nature Observer Extraordinaire," Cita Scott, I can share a series of astonishing close ups of the morning routine of a beautiful mother hummingbird. Here in today's photo she has brought her babies some breakfast. Tune in tomorrow for the next step...
Photo courtesy of Cita Scott.


  1. these pictures are so special. thanks very much for sharing them. I love my hummers here in my yard, but never get to see them like they are in the pictures.

  2. I have 4 feeders in my backyard and sometimes when I'm watering plants the hummers will buzz me to get out of the way! And if I stand perfectly still I can see them up close. Their colors are always breathtaking ~ jewels.