24 June 2018

And now a word from our sponsor ~

Are you old enough to remember the family TV shows like Ed Sullivan, Red Skelton, and Carol Burnett? Throughout the show a voiceover would intone, "And now, a word from our sponsor" and then you would see the advertisements for Ivory Snow or Pepsodent. Today I'm doing the same thing!

If you live in Tucson and are thinking about buying or selling a home OR if you would like to move to Tucson, please call Sue Dodson first! Sue is a sponsor of this site and is also a great friend. She is a thorough, smart, and patient real estate agent who is also really fun to work with! Her contact info is over there to the left - scroll down and click on her photo and you'll be taken to her personal page at Long Realty (a top notch firm with integrity). Don't make a move without her help!  Thanks! 

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