10 June 2018

Books & Bikes!

The Tucson library has a Book Bike program that is totally great! Librarians pedal a bike filled with books to a senior center, a teen hangout, a soup kitchen....  and deliver books! What a cool concept! This idea was launched in Tucson in 2012. To read more about it, click here. For the schedule of where you can find a book bike, click here


  1. What a great idea! Very creative. After scanning the link, I am unsure whether these are from the regular book stacks/inventory or are they free, used books. If from the library collection I assume that it's pretty hard to keep track of them.?

  2. My mom used this service when she stopped driving. I would request the books for her and they would pull them and send everything to the Himmel Park Branch. Once a month someone would ride up and deliver them. It was something she looked forward to.

  3. Hi Kate! With Kathy's comment about her mom using the service, it sounds like it's regular books from the stacks. Cool, huh?? (: