26 February 2016

Cowboy/Cowgirl UP!

Truly a Tucson tradition, La Fiesta de los Vaqueros (a.k.a. "The Rodeo!") is going on now. This is the last weekend so if you haven't seen your share of barrel racing and bull riding, here's your chance. Tickets are just $5. For full info, parking, and schedule for the weekend, click HERE


  1. Thanks for reminding about this great tradition!! I went to the Tucson Unified School District website, and found that the kids still get a 2-day rodeo vacation - 25th and 26th!! I think that's a great tradition too -- way back when I was in school in Tucson, the parade still went through downtown!! Wow, just saw that the poster says it's the 91st, so just another 9 years until the 100th showing -- Tucson will go nuts! (more than usual, haha)

  2. The first year I lived in Tucson I went to the rodeo and saw little kids riding (and racing) sheep!