08 March 2012

Stormy, dusty weather ~

Tucson is getting hit with terrible winds that are churning up a lot of dust. Check out the darkened clouds and stormy sky behind this charming adobe home on Main Street.


  1. We got your winds this morning. It and the super giant solar flares striking earth this morning may account for the winds.

    I remember dust storms in Tucson. I was sitting in a diner watching one storm come in and the place was spotless. When it was over, i lifted up my coffee cup and saw a spotless spot where it was setting. The rest of the counter was brownish gray.

  2. Hi Abe! The weather reporters yesterday were encouraging people who might have allergies or other respiratory problems to stay indoors. I have a very tall cypress tree in my front yard and it was actually swaying!

    1. It is supposed to be very windy here in Boston today. But warm at least!