12 March 2012

Fun faux latticework ~

This wall's latticework pattern caught my eye and it is accomplished with turquoise and yellow paint and a stencil! A little paint magic ~ fun and so cheerful!


  1. The wall is all paint and not real lattice? Amazing.

    I am thankful that we had a day in the 60s, yesterday and it was almost 60ยบ this morning when I first got up at 5:00 AM.

    It is supposed to be a warmer day today but we will also get some rain now and then.

    I am so glad we were have to hoe out some of the weeds that were beginning to grow, yesterday.

    I turned off my word verification.

    Had I known you used it I would have gone on and not stopped to comment.

    Why should I be punished and be made to decipher some stupid words just to leave a comment?

    If it is turned on the next time I stop I will not leave a comment like so many others.

  2. That looks like it was a LOT of work to do.

  3. Hi Abe, I'm sorry that word verification stalled you. Another follower asked me to turn it off a week or two ago and I found the option for it and turned it off. Maybe it needs to be reset from time to time. I'll look into it again and I apologize for the inconvenience. It isn't my preference - the system seems to default to it.

  4. Hi Cathy - Yes, a lot of work but it does definitely have a "wow" factor, doesn't it?