07 March 2016

It's contest time again! Where is this?

OK - you regular visitors to the site know that from time to time I post a photo and ask you to identify where the photo was taken. The first to identify this location gets the gift of a "fabulous" TucsonDailyPhoto t-shirt or mousepad featuring the expressive "Monday already?" ram. Ready? Set? Go! Good luck.

Day #2: OK, here are 2 clues to help you identify this location:
1: It is north of Broadway.
2: It is south of Speedway

Day #3: All is revealed! This photo was taken from the back patio of Ermanos Craft Beer and Wine Bar located on 4th Avenue just north of 9th Street. I'm surprised that Roseann was the only one who threw her hat into the "guess where" ring! Alas, no winner for this "Where is this?"


  1. Downtown?
    By the look of the building.... (How inexact can I be while still making a good guess?)

  2. Because I've been gone from the Tucson Scene for awhile, I'm always excited to see these new places that you find - 4th Avenue hardly ever disappoints for the eclectic! (Also, Govinda has really sparked my interest!)

    1. SO - come for a visit and try them all out! And let me know when you will be here!