29 March 2016

Tucson's T-Rex Bone ~

These fun Bone Benches and Paw-imprint Bench are in a dog park that my pups love -- the Purple Heart Dog Park in Rita Ranch. There are my pups, Jasper and Abby, trotting to the entrance to greet a newcomer. This park is really nice for both dogs and their owners!


  1. That is Abby the puppy?? She is big already!

  2. That is a nice looking dog park. Is there a water feature for the pups?

  3. Well, the dogs think that there is! There are water fountains and many doggie water bowls. One of the fountains sort of "overachieves" and creates a muddy patch in the gravel. Guess who loves to roll in that patch? (: Not the kind of feature you had in mind, I'm sure, but they all do get wet!