01 March 2016

Tucson's Dog in Chief ~

While my boss was on a business trip to China I brought my pups into the office. Jasper found his way into my boss's chair (gee, don't know how that happened!) and he has been dubbed the company's "Dog in Chief." My boss describes it as a failed coup attempt. (:


  1. Love this photo and the humorous take on the office "coup."

  2. Our social media guru posted this on our company's FB page and it had more likes than anything we had ever posted! (: Well, my Jasper IS a handsome boy!

    1. You work with some fun people! And I'm not sure the entire coup has failed -- couldn't Jasper take a position as VP?? He could work from home--all he'd need is a fabulous office chair just like the boss has :) Good dog!

  3. He would be happy to serve as our Goodwill Ambassador! (:

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