30 July 2016

Running like a river ~

We are again having crazy, loud monsoon storms. This is a view from my kitchen door looking at the water rushing across my patio and my sidewalk. I wish I could provide a sound track of the torrential rains - LOUD! 


  1. Oh my! About a month ago when there was flooding, the water rose so fast in the backyard that it started seeping under the door in the room in my mom's house that is off the patio. They had to open the gate to let the water rush out the backyard. The first time in the 64 years she has lived there that has happened.

  2. Hi Kathy! Yep, the rain was coming down really fast and it didn't take long for my patio to flood and the water to start rushing to the gate and down my driveway. The same thing happened on Wednesday night so I'm glad I didn't spend any time yesterday cleaning up from THAT storm! (: