22 February 2012

Grass wraps ~

Yesterday I gave you a tip how to instantly brighten up your patio. Today's gardening hint is: take shortcuts. Instead of sowing grass seed and coaxing it to grow, buy an instant lawn with a sod roll up. Easy, yes?


  1. Well it would take a BIG BUNNY to eat that wrap!

  2. That would be a great idea for the house we are renting... but would love to be able to give the bill to the owner...
    P.S. Would you be willing to take away the word verification, it's becoming a pain in the neck! :-)

  3. Hi Therese, I'm sorry that pops up for you. I didn't think it did if one was a site follower(not just a one time visitor). Let me go into the site's toolbox and see if I can disable that "captcha" step. I think it might be a permanent item but let me look into it.