27 February 2012

Celebrating 12th member of "Team Tucson" ~

For those of you who check the site regularly, you know that once in a while I shine a spotlight on an individual who is part of TEAM TUCSON ~ someone who simply makes living in Tucson great by what they do and how they contribute to the community.

Today let me introduce you to Eric, gardening guru extraordinaire. Eric works at the terrific Civano Nursery and has been there since its inception 13 years ago. Eric and his colleagues can advise you about your garden issues and guide you in your selections. They can also design a custom garden for you and take care of the professional installation. And even if you are not a gardener, there are many reasons to visit the nursery - gorgeous pots and many potted plants that will enhance your indoor space as well as wind chimes and other nice gift items.

1 comment:

  1. This inspires me to seek help for my pathetic garden. How I would love to have a pretty flowering back yard!