02 April 2013

Birds of a feather ~

These birds - flamingos and roosters - aren't typically "birds of a feather" but they do socialize together at the Civano Nursery where you can find all sorts of interesting creatures for your lawn, garden, or patio!


  1. And as corny as they may be, I actually have two pink flamingos in my own back yard! I inherited them when friends moved from Tucson to Kansas so I named the birds after their previous owners - Jim and Cynthia!

  2. Ha! The truth is out!! Ok, I confess that I've always liked Pink Flamingo lawn art, too! It's so retro and quirky. One year, long ago, I gifted one to my folks and it survived for a very long time...until my dad was trimming hedges and accidentally took off the bird's head! He tried to glue it on, but in the hot desert sun, it fell off every summer!!

    P.S. Doesn't the Flamingo's expression look like "will this rooster EVER quit crowing??"!