29 April 2013

Don't let the sign fool you ~

Believe me, I am glad that the owners of Wild Garlic Grill chose to keep the 3-D Frosty Root Beer Mug, an artifact from a previous restaurant - I love those old signs! But the image and the wording are misleading. If you can get past the kind of dumpy/without style exterior, you will be rewarded with an upscale menu by local chef Steven Schultz. And why they would list "hamburgers" as a feature... dunno. You will experience a sophisticated menu - not burgers & fries & root beer. They opened in December at 2530 N 1st Avenue - not exactly restaurant row but definitely worth a visit.


  1. Do you happen to know what it used to be? I had a friend in middle school that lived in the area between Glenn and Fort Lowell and we walked all over the area. Went to school at Sacred Heart from 6th -8th in the 70's when they switched to the open school concept. The school moved after my last year and is called Kino. I think it is still around somewhere on 1st ave.
    Kathy from Boston
    ps got the tshirt-thank you and sorry for the long post. I haven't thought of that area for years.

  2. Hi Kathy! I was told it was originally a Drive In that served Hires Root Beer (hence, the big mug). Then I think it was called Two and a Half Brothers and it was also, I think, a Sanchez burrito place. I'm not over that way very often so I'm not sure how long it has been closed. Wild Garlic opened in December, 2012.

  3. My favorite Drive in was Sandys. The best burgers and shakes ever. I can still taste them in my mind. There was one on Campbell near Grant. I don't think this was one of them.I don't recall seeing a mug in front.