04 October 2012

Nature's art ~

This interesting stump is in a weedy lot in the Lost Barrio district. I think it has real character and is a great tool for the imagination. I see a chimpanzee face, a dog's head, a hooded monk...  cool!  


  1. How come I don't always see you on my blogs list?? Or much later...
    Anyway I like art letting imagination at work like this stump.

  2. Therese, I wish I could answer your question. This site is run with Google's eBlogger program and it is also registered as a .com site. I really don't know how those "blogs I'm following" lists are compiled. Do you have to add a site? Maybe someone else here knows and can suggest something. I'm not tech savvy, I'm afraid - sorry. Dianne

  3. Maybe because I've heard one tonight, but I see an owl in the trunk.
    K. from Boston

  4. It's great isn't it - to keep looking and seeing different things!