09 August 2019

3rd Time a Charm??

Today I removed this toad for the THIRD TIME from my front patio! He likes to sit near the air conditioning drip. If he wasn't POISONOUS I really wouldn't care but either one of my 2 dogs could lunge to investigate him and suffer from his nasty toxic secretions. Bleh! Here's more about him:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colorado_River_toad   He is also as piable as a blob of jelly. When I come to scoop him into a pitcher he flattens himself like a pancake. 


  1. how far away do you take them? Did you see the part about the female laying up to 8000 eggs!

  2. I take him about a 5-minute walk away...across the street and down into a wash. Obviously it is not far enough! Sigh.