06 June 2016

Celebrating 7 years today!

Wow - I launched this site 7 years ago today!  Here we are - thousands and thousands of photos later. It has been fun for sure. Here is the first posting caption:

Many people don't make the association that thorny cacti can also be beautiful, blooming plants. This particular beauty is such an example ~ it blooms for just one day. The flower is fabulous magenta and orange with an iridescent sheen. And it's the size of a feather duster!


  1. Congratulations! I have enjoyed the tour.

  2. I think I have been following you for most of that time. I have really enjoyed it and I hope to get out to my home there permanently soon.....

    1. Don't do it! It was 111 degrees yesterday. 113 degrees predicted for today.

  3. Thanks! It's been wonderful to visit this corner of the internet for years.