01 October 2015

Fozzie Bear in Tucson!

I have attended many shows at Tucson's Gaslight Theatre and always enjoy them but I just learned about a really fun addition to the show - the After Show! The Gaslight calls this their "Olio" and I never stayed for it because it was once described to me as a singalong with the band. Meh.

This time we stayed and to my delight and surprise there is another show - very short - but very fun. The "olio" that follows the Henry Porter show has a Muppets theme. One of my favorite things of all time! And so here is Fozzie Bear after the show. Fun, fun, fun! 

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad you've discovered the hidden gem of the "olio" after the show!! There's always been a little show by the cast, with corny jokes, amazing solo singing, and, if you've gone to the late show, everybody on stage is slap-happy and laughing and the audience hoots and hollers, too!! Enjoy!!