31 October 2015

Happy HOWL-aween! Woof!


Happy Halloween to everyone! What you see here today is not what I had planned! I wanted to photograph both of my pups wearing their festive orange bandanas sitting surrounded by a pile of fall leaves and a pumpkin. I have learned that Abby, my 6-month-old Border Collie does NOT LIKE to wear scarves! She looked very worried while she had to wear it. And she would never sit still beside Jasper, my Aussie. She couldn't stop chewing on HIS scarf. And the leaves and pumpkin? Lost cause! But they do look faBOOlous, don't you think? (: Have a great ghoulish time tonight! 


  1. Abby was probably trying to help Jasper get the scarf off. I put a collar with bats on it around my dog and have plenty of fall leaves outside for her to play in. Now if she could just help rake...

  2. Cute puppy dog! Happy Halloween to you!

  3. What beautiful dogs! Woof, indeed!