09 October 2015

Eye popping hopper!

Can you imagine a grasshopper that is any more vibrant than this fellow? He is practically neon!

Photo courtesy of Susan Dodson.


  1. Great photo of that beautiful creature. At one time (about two years ago? we communicated about winter accommodations. I misplaced your email (perhaps I should just call you since you posted your number on your website). Were you a realtor then? I can't recall. Nothing came of it because I could not find an available apt in the area you thought we might enjoy. In addition we had a dog, which we no longer have. If it is okay to call you leave a message on my blog: visualstpaul.blogspot.com/ or send me a message at mura.kate@gmail.com.

  2. I have to say it: anything green in a desert back yard is TOTALLY welcome...am I right?!

  3. He/She seems to have made a home in my small citrus tree. The yellow swallowtail butterflies lay their eggs there daily...a constant food source, so why leave !