27 October 2015

Truth in advertising ~

They say you can know a lot about a person by what kind of vehicle they drive and what they display on it. When you look at this guy's license plate (duh) and his "funny" sticker on his back window (yes, that is a naked woman's chest beside the "Got Milk?" question) I think you can draw some pretty accurate conclusions about him. Ya think?


  1. Tucson is not the only place. I live in Miami, FL and I see this kind of junk on lots of trucks.

  2. I had to laugh at the prediction of knowing a lot about an individual by their choice of car. Okay, what does this say about me and DH? Corvette, red VW bug, Triumph convertible, Ford Station Wagon, Chevrolet, Toyota, Saturn Sadan, Toyota Rav4.

  3. OK... First tell me in what order you owned them! And what does "DH" mean?