13 October 2015

A Tucson Treasure ~

"Arizona Lady" is the current offering of the Arizona Opera company. The AZ Opera splits its time between performing in Tucson and in Phoenix. This particular production was written in German by a Hungarian composer who had never been to Arizona! It is reminiscent of the grand musicals of the golden age of Hollywood -- Oklahoma! comes to mind. This show is sung in English, Spanish, and German and tells the tale of a great race horse - Arizona Lady - who wins the Kentucky Derby. Fun!  


  1. It is good to have a state Opera company that performs in two cities. I think I'd like to see this performance.

  2. Hi Kate! I understand that they revised the score specifically for this production to make more of it in English. Tucson hosted the state premiere of this opera (more like an operetta, actually). It was great fun with lots of funny local references and inside jokes.