20 February 2011

Goodbye Borders ~

I am so sorry that the Borders book store on Oracle is closing. I have passed many happy hours at that store and in their cafe - it had a really nice atmosphere. Today both shoppers and employees were subdued in the wake of this corporate decision reflecting changing times and changing buying habits. The Borders at Park Place will remain open.


  1. Yeah, as far as the chain stores, I always liked Borders more than Barnes & Noble.

  2. I'd have to agree with the person above. I don't *mind* B&N, but I just prefer Borders. And I only recently started to hang out in their cafe area so this was a big shock (and a bummer) that they're deciding to close that location.

  3. Hi Nichole, I overheard one of the staffers explaining that the Park Place location guaranteed more foot traffic for the store. Obviously that's important but you and I both made the trip to the Oracle store for a reason. The mall store feels cramped to me (maybe it's the low ceiling).