02 February 2014

The Fabulous Fox ~ inside and out

I jump at the chance to attend an event at the Fox Theatre - a true Tucson Treasure. It has been beautifully restored to its Art Deco grandeur. It has such style! I attended a chamber music concert and took the bottom picture from my seat looking up the side wall and to the ceiling. If you have never been there, you will be wowed!


  1. This renovation is spectacular! I remember walking past the Fox when it was in ruins and peering into the front glass and seeing how sad it all was. I didn't think it would be fixed...too expensive, nobody goes downtown for shows, etc. BUT I was wrong and happily so!! Downtown is getting a second chance :)

  2. Elizabeth, You absolutely would not BELIEVE how much is happening downtown! So many new bars and restaurants - it's really lively! And the Fox is at the heart of it all.