02 March 2013

Signs that spring is finally coming ~

I was driving on Camino Principal (just off Tanque Verde Rd) and just couldn't believe this blooming tree in front of this row of offices! I was told it is a blooming pear tree and when I was photographing it I noticed that the local bees were really loving this tree's blossoms. It sure looks like spring has arrived but I'm still holding my breath for a little while.


  1. WOW that tree is gorgeous. Reminds me of trees back east. Surprised it is blooming so big now with your recent snows.

  2. we have 2 ornamental pear trees at work (sunrise/kolb) that are always the first to bloom...they were loaded with flowers this year, even before that last snowfall. We were noticing all the bees on it yesterday. btw, they smell really horrid! Their leaves also turn gorgeous shades in the fall before they drop.

  3. Thanks for your comments. YES, the office workers told me the blooms smelled bad but since there were so many bees on the tree I was not tempted to confirm it! (: