06 March 2013

DeGrazia's Chapel ~ a Tucson treasure

Famed Tucson artist Ted DeGrazia had a vision and his 10-acre compound lives on as a museum, a "Gallery in the Sun," (a permanent home for his work), and a venue for visiting artists to display their work. On the grounds is a charming and tiny chapel decorated with DeGrazia murals. Here's the entrance and tomorrow I'll post some interior views. For more info on the artist, click here.


  1. We just returned from Tucson and we visited his place. It was amazing. Especially his grave site. I wouldn't have even known it was there had I not read the brochure! I love the way the grave is covered over with all those blue stones.

  2. My daughter's grade school class visited the Gallery some years ago and she was so thrilled with it that she "took" her father and me there to show it off. It was a wonderful experience...and finding out that he built it all himself was so Tucson, if you know what I mean!

  3. Hi there, Thanks for your comments about this interesting piece of Tucson history. Tomorrow I'll be posting some photos of the chapel interior. I've always thought it would be a beautiful setting for a wedding (a very small one!).