27 March 2013

Creating a new cactus (cell tower that is) ~

I thought this was a very interesting "work in progress" - a cell tower disguised as a saguaro cactus. This big fake cactus is being erected on Houghton Road near the Tucson McGraw's restaurant and will join a forest of other similar camouflaged towers on that hill to add some additional signals to the area. Cactus Power! 


  1. I saw one of those when we were in Tucson. They almost look real except they are gigantic! I like them better than the ones around here that are supposed to look like a pine tree!

  2. I've seen the big Palm Tree camouflages whose fronds are always a lovely green that never go brown (so useful after a deep freeze winter!), but the saguaro ones are new to me and judging by the height of that scissor machine (and Roberta's comment!) that is a mammoth cactus! Half built as it is, it looks like it's signalling something else in the universe besides cell phones...;-)

  3. Yes, they are huge - and FAT! We also have some of the palm tree ones in town. I posted a photo of one in 2011 and here's the link:http://www.tucsondailyphoto.com/2011/04/permanent-palm-green-full-fake.html