24 March 2013

Say hello to another Team Tucson member!

Regular followers know that once in a while I shine the spotlight on someone in Tucson who is making a difference. Let me introduce you today to Stephanie Hannah who owns a business that makes Diaper Cakes! "Diaper cakes?" you may ask (as I did when I saw her display at the Rincon Valley Farmer's Market). Yes, Diaper Cakes. She rolls up 62 diapers and decorates them with ribbons to form a 3-layer "Diaper Cake." Wouldn't this be a fantastic centerpiece for a baby shower? Stephanie will customize the colors and theme to suit the mom-to-be. Questions? Call her at 520.270.9364.


  1. Looks like a fun thing!

  2. Stephanie does such an amazing job in her work. The diaper cakes she creates are very unique and make a perfect baby shower gift. I highly recommend her and promise you won't be disappointed. You can't beat the price compared to other retailers in the area.

    1. Very kind words! I appreciate this comment and am glad you are so pleased with the product. Thanks again, Stephanie Hannah

  3. Thanks for putting me on your website and promoting my business! I really enjoy making these cakes and am excited to try different themes for other occasions like "over the hill" for example. Great website! Stephanie Hannah