12 March 2013

A skeleton candelabra ~

Here's another example of the unexpected and delightful surprises tucked all over the grounds at Ted DeGrazia's Gallery in the Sun. How would this cactus carcass candelabra look on your table? Even the "candles" are carved from nature. FUN! I hope you enjoyed walking around the grounds these last few days. It's a really interesting Tucson treasure.


  1. Ha!, love your wordsmithing on "cactus carcass candelabra"!! In life, that was one HUGE cholla (I think that's a cholla skeleton)! Thank you very much for this beautiful tour of a Tucson Treasure.

  2. You are very welcome for the tour and thank YOU for your comments! That property gives me lots of ideas of fun ways to add some interest to my garden.... Warm weather is supposed to be here any minute now.