03 March 2013

Tucson's favorite lumberjack was yarn bombed!

Tucson's iconic Paul Bunyan statue at Stone and Glenn has a kinder, gentler look these days (even though he seems to be wielding a bigger axe since his last one was stolen by drunken frat boys). Yes, it's true. Paul was "yarn bombed" and now is sporting a festive little (well, OK, not so little) scarf. Even more photos of him can be viewed here.

And for all you Monty Python fans, here's the YouTube video of the song in case you forgot the lyrics!


  1. Paul has a certain "flair" now!

  2. OMG, thanks for the link to The Lumberjack Song!! I really needed a laugh and the Python crew always crack me up!! Paul certainly needed that muffler with these last freezing temps, but now someone will have to rent a cherry-picker truck to get him ready for summer!

  3. Glad you enjoyed it! Did you sing along with GUSTO? (: